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Amazon AWS


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is “the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally”. All of EIG’s proprietary software is hosted on AWS, which allows for low-cost, highly-responsive development.


EIG leverages third-party cutting-edge conversational design tools to create an FNOL that dynamically and personably guides a user through the claims submission process. This platform allows for flexible customization for each customer’s needs.


XactAnalysis is the “first, largest, and only full-cycle claims management software and reporting tool available in the property insurance industry.” EIG integrates with this industry-standard platform to provide exemplary customer service and satisfaction while staying up to date in the latest carrier technology.


Xactimate is an industry-leading solution for property claims estimation, and “is the number one choice for restoration professionals thanks to its precision and flexibility throughout all stages of the repair process.” EIG estimators utilize this platform to ensure that all estimates are fair, accurate, and able to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Restoration Manager

Restoration Manager allows restoration companies to easily manage all jobs — from intake to completion — in one centralized platform. EIG Restoration utilizes this industry-leading platform in conjunction with XactAnalysis to track all jobs that come through our system to ensure comprehensive data-gathering and transparency.

CAPE Analytics

CAPE Analytics “uses deep learning and geospatial imagery to provide instant property intelligence for buildings across the United States. CAPE enables insurers and other property stakeholders to access valuable property attributes at time of underwriting—with the accuracy and detail that traditionally required an on-site inspection, but with the speed and coverage of property record pre-fill.” EIG has the ability to leverage CAPE data to add extra detail to a carrier’s policies.


AerisWeather “enables customers to harness the dynamic power of weather data and imagery in their products, services, and business intelligence tools.” EIG has integrated AerisWeather technology into our claims process, allowing all submitted FNOLs to be augmented with location-specific weather data. This information can help increase a carrier’s confidence in the claims that are being filed.


EagleView “is a leading provider of aerial imagery, property insights and software” and is considered the gold standard for accurate property measurement data. EIG partners with EagleView in order to provide our estimation and restoration teams with the most comprehensive data about property measurements and materials.


GAF Roofs 

GAF is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, and EIG is proud to be a licensed distributor of GAF products. Many of our contractors are GAF certified, meaning that they have taken part in an industry-recognized training program to ensure their skills and understand of these roofs.

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