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Our Company

EIG, or Evans Insurance Group, is a consortium of companies created to facilitate a claim from intake, through processing, mitigation services, and complete home restoration. Our goal is to ensure that claims can be made as stress-free as possible, for both policyholders and carriers.

EIG Restoration has a full-time, salaried staff of almost 50 people, including accredited estimators and project managers as well as a fully-staffed back office and call-center. When needed, we can also partner with external emergency services vendors in order to provide quick, efficient remediation to customers when our teams are already at capacity.

We are committed to providing exemplary customer service to every policyholder who works with us. EIG Restoration prides itself on hiring people who care about people; our company ethos is to treat our customers like we’d treat our grandmother, and this is embodied by employees at every level of the organization. From call center representatives taking the time to listen — really listen — to the concerns of a worried homeowner to project managers showing up daily to ensure that their team is providing the best service possible, our focus is taking care of every customer like they’re our only customer.

Our Services

Due to our unique structure, EIG Restoration is able to a full suite of restoration services, including:


EIG Restoration employs vetted emergency services crews who can mobilize to help mitigate time-sensitive damages immediately after a claim has been created. We have the ability to provide a variety of emergency services, from water loss mitigation to fire and smoke damage remediation, as well as debris and tree removal and roofing and window repair. 

As soon as a claim has been created and assigned to us, our emergency services team will be alerted and dispatched. They can clean up the property, secure the home, and prevent any further damage from occurring. An estimator will then assess the damage and provide an estimate for comprehensive repairs and restoration. By responding as quickly as possible to time-sensitive damages, we are able to reduce the ongoing damage that may occur due to mold or other compounding factors. 

In a catastrophic situation, the emergency team and estimator typically arrive together to secure the home and start the restoration process on-site. This practice cuts down on the time required for a policyholder to get back on their feet and back into their home and reduces the processing time for the claim. As well, it restricts the number of public adjusters and attorneys who have the opportunity to take advantage of the situation, which benefits a carrier’s overall costs. 

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Repair and Restoration

For longer-term restoration projects and claims handling, EIG Restoration is proud to be able to perform a comprehensive range of remediation, repair, and restoration services. Our goal is to bring every home back to its original condition as quickly and as painlessly as possible. From the best craftsmen to the quality materials, we go the extra mile every time to provide property owners with the quality they deserve. Every job completed by EIG Restoration is guaranteed by a five year warranty on interior repairs, and a lifetime warranty on roof repairs.



Water extraction, water loss mitigation, and water damage remediation

If water has caused damage to a home or property, whether due to something as benign as an overflowing sink or as destructive as a flood, our accredited water mitigation crews can help. From water extraction and dry-out through restoration of the damaged areas (including sheetrock replacement and painting), EIG guarantees that our work is comprehensive and best-in-class quality.

fire and smoke damage mitigation

Fire damage and smoke damage remediation

We understand how traumatic a fire can be, as well as how destructive its aftermath often is. Our teams are able to assist homeowners with a wide range of fire and smoke damage remediation. From smoke removal to sheetrock, painting, and flooring repair, our restoration crews ensure that all traces of a destructive event are ameliorated and that a home is returned to its pre-event condition.

electrical and plumbing repair

Electrical work, plumbing and insulation repair, HVAC and chimney repair

Sometimes, interior damage is less visible than a water-logged laundry room. EIG’s teams can perform restoration services on many of a home’s internal systems. From plumbing repair and insulation repair to HVAC and chimney repair and electrical work, a home’s inner workings are well within our core competencies.

Our Services

EIG Restoration’s teams are well-versed in the repair and restoration of a home’s exterior, particularly to remediate damage caused by inclement weather.


roofing and window repair

Roofing and window repair, hail damage remediation, siding repair

When a weather event has caused damage to the exterior of a home, a quick response time for remediation and restoration can mean the difference of potentially thousands of dollars in compounded costs, for both a policyholder and their carrier.

EIG Restoration specializes in repairing Mother Nature’s handiwork to prevent further damage to a home. We can perform hail damage remediation and siding repair, as well as tarping and board-up repairing, and replacing roofs and windows that may have been damaged by wind.



Tarping and Board-up

The first step in mitigating further damage to your roof and reducing the chance of potential water damage to your home’s interior is to tarp it. Tarping your roof is a short-term fix, but it gives you and the emergency services teams time to assess the damage and complete more permanent repairs.

In addition to checking for roof damage, it’s important to ensure that all other entry points to your home are also secure.

debris and tree removal

Debris and tree removal, exterior painting, fence repair

A homeowner’s property is often as much a point of pride as their home itself, which is why EIG is proud to offer many property-focused restoration services. We can provide debris and tree removal in the aftermath of a storm, as well as painting and fence repair.

EIG Restoration is a mitigation and restoration vendor that provides comprehensive home repair services that ensure that all customers can get back into their homes and into their lives quickly and with as little stress as possible.

Service Area

EIG Restoration is a licensed contractor who has proudly served the Florida market for over 25 years. EIG Restoration provides highly qualified, professional roofing and general construction services to repair any damage that you have experienced. EIG Restoration takes pride in all our work and we stand behind it with our industry-leading warranties. We are a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor as well as a Tamko Master Pro Certified Contractor.

We proudly service the Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami metropolitan areas. Please contact us for availability in other areas of Florida.


We stand by our workmanship and industry leading warranty.

Let EIG help you get your home, and your life, back as quickly as possible.